Thursday, 2 June 2011

If you're tired of Mungling, you're tired of life

Swedish snackSprang out of bed at 0900, with just enough time to inhale a banana before Ben arrived to spend the day. First up: I proudly showed off my new Ikea furniture and we made a train track.
This toffee-flavoured Swedish string is called GODIS GULA SNÖREN and we both like it.
After some telly we went through swingpark (quick swing there) to the bus stop and that got us to the gymnastic centre 20 minutes early. The bus driver had to tell us off for swapping seats every 2 minutes, even though we were the only people on the bus. We were the first there so opened each locker in turn and shouted out the contents: winner was nothing, closely followed by 1 empty crisp packet.
the King Tut position - planking on a bus
There were only a dozen or so of us so we did the trampolining and stuff but then spent most of the time making dens under the walkway in the foam pit. Afterwards we did some more swinging in the park by the Mountbatten centre (all 3 of us got topless pretty quickly) and caught two buses to the next destination: lunch. We chose a table and had horse's willy and chips, I think between us we only left about 4 chips so a good munch there. Then we confused the Photo-me booth so much it had an electrical breakdown and the poor chap that actually wanted to use it after us may have not been in luck today.
swing high, sweet chariotTeam Wadi! happy as a sandboy Across the road is the Landport Adventure Playground. Bud had promised me we could go back and boy, we did. We didn't even see the vast array of climbing apparatus, dressing-up kit and art equipment, we just dived straight into the sandpit. From there it was a 2 and a half hour sand extravaganza. Ben and I were self-appointed ringleaders of the Landport Wadi Restoration programme in which we made a 12-foot long winding river bed, trowel-dug by an army of girl-children of many nations. In fact if the experience was anything to go by, the council estates of tomorrow will be peopled by brown Polish-speakers.
Ben invented the 2nd cataract and I added a tributary but then some other kids got wise to bucket protocols and our water supply dried up. At one point Bud bought us an ice lolly thing that was a foot long, and tempted us out of the pit - he nearly got us onto the walkway in the sky - but then Ben needed the toilet again and the spell was broken, the magic was gone and we got straight back into the sandpit again. Still, the sticky lolly thing was only 10p so we'll have them again.
topless boys digging for victory in sandpitWe left at 5pm and after a walk back along the side of the railway we got another bus home for 530, both tired out. I must say it was not a pleasant walk for either of us. If you spend 2½ hours playing watery games in a sandpit, it sort of gets everywhere and our trousers chafed something chronic. So we did our best well-used elderly sailor impressions which made Bud giggle. Speaking of trousers, it was only at this point we noticed I had my trousers on backwards.
I have caught the sun. I have a pink back from solar radiation and a pink bum from sand chafing. Ben is also pink but that is a lifestyle choice and I respect that.

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