Wednesday, 22 June 2011

¿Do you feel lucky, Pŭnċ?

woodchips down the curly slide gameWill the weather hold for Wednesday park?
Yes, it did. We arrived at the same time as Ben, and Erin who is starting to realise the benefits of a regular session. As we sat down the JoniBobs arrived and I handed out all the fairy cakes, making sure Erin got the first one.
hanging on for dear life From there on it was the usual stuff. We all swung on the swings, swung on the monkey bars and moved on to the "giant pile-up on the curly slide" game that I got squashed in last year. The other combatants were much bigger than us but Erin and Ben make up for that in gung-ho attitude and if I get squashed I'm so light I sort of pop up like a wet soap when you squeeze it. We all had chocs and Hula Hoops and the PuddleParents have arranged many more delights for future weeks.
Next week can everyone bring their bikes? We can do circuits and races.
pottery creation, first attempt in school art classIncidentally, yesterday I brought home another "artwork". In the past, these have been (in ascending age): scribbles on unevenly cut bits of card, larger scribbles on A4 paper, handprints, 2 bogrolls sellotaped together and labelled "Binoculars", spludgy painting in bright orange (subject unknown), 2 bogrolls sellotaped to an eggbox and labelled "Eiffel Tower", and most recently, portrait of Bob the Library Angel with caption "Don't rip the books".
But this latest effort is in another league, or possibly another dimension.
It is a brightly coloured tablet with bas-relief cartouche lovingly hand-mangled in clay, varnished and fired, with exposed segment of paperclip for easy hanging.
But why O why, I hear you cry, has its true meaning passed you by?
Erins' guess: a lighthouse
Jofs' guess: a robot
Buds' guess: an elephant.
I despair of you all, ye Damien Hirsts of the plumbing world. Can you not see it is a treehouse?

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