Friday, 17 June 2011

I'm the black wildebeeste of the family

the end of the Ottoman empire laughing child in wicker basket
Friday!! It's supposed to be bonfire weekend but fat chance of that with the sudden onset of the monsoon and hurricane season.
It rained and rained, we ran home and I settled down for some serious telly with lots of high calorie treats eg coconut macaroons.
Highlights of this afternoon: Wetness, dampness, deluge and precipitation. The cloud we were blessed with was inventive. First it rained. Then it rained some more, had a purple patch of alternating bucketing, **ssing down and raining cats and dogs, interspersed with exuberant periods of blustery showers. Then it settled down into constant rain. We went to pick up Jof (for that is only fair) and then I had pizza for supper.
home made pizza, full of natural goodness
 Grandad (and indeed Bud, following in his size 4 footsteps) is a great fan of "If you've grown it yourself, it's better" and he goes on about how 4 of the 5 things on the supper plate came from the garden - not including the pig or chicken portion, for they do not grow animals apart from snails, which we have not yet pan-fried in essence of our own garlic. Bud grows watercress* for his lunchtime sarnies, toms, spinach and herbs etc for the main meal. So tonight I had a pizza I made myself at school. So many times at PuddleNursery I came home with fairy cakes or some other tosh I'd made, and they always seemed to end up in the compost, lucky mice. But not this time.....
Yes. The pizza looks yummy, and Bud put extra cheese on it. But I decided I didn't like tomatoes on pizza so they had to be hoiked out. Sigh.....
* big bags of which went to 2 of Buds' work friends and BensMum - good for soup, salad and so forth. Given the amount of bonfire ash we put on the garden, absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals. It's the ribeye steak of the plant world

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