Monday, 27 June 2011

Daz. Worth its weight in Bold

the chicken soup searches and confiscates hand
A splendidly hot day again so went to school in shorts. I pity those with hair.
Todays' show'n'tell object was my metal detector so all the way home 2 of my girlfriends used it to detect lamp-posts, drain covers, cars, gates, each other, and one surprised dog.
I have finally looked through all of the pictures from the BBQ yesterday and I'll put them on todays' post: if I put them on yesterdays' one, it'll be so big the internet will crash.

ps while doing cutting and sticking yesterday, I made Bobert a thank you card, all my own work.

thank-you letter, first attempt funny fail
 To Rob
Fangs for the brilneant parte
The is is a card to sae fangc ye
Fat Bobot
racing car paddling pool, full contingentone in the eye for the guard in the parapet

water pistol fight cold water hosepipe onto bare feet


  1. Me thinks the card says at the end "Thank you" - not Fangs Ye.

    Is Bobot fat?

    Great writing, really neat x

  2. I stand by my original translation fangc ye. The n and g have melded by chance, see fangs earlier in the missive.
    Clearly I meant to write thank you but my pronunciation and spelling have not yet come together.


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