Friday, 10 June 2011

Orthodox, Metadox, Paradox

little boy too small to use the toiletBathing a dirty cat    Tragic hero-cat "Schrodinger" attained a bubblegum-related quantum fur entanglement so needed a wash. It was uncertain, principally, and began a high frequency harmonic oscillation which set up acoustic resonance in the confined test bed of the bathroom, and took up a superposition on top of the medicine cabinet. I shifted fundamentally to a strong nuclear force and got it in the bath. There was a certain amount of chaotic fluid dynamics: I tried to force a non-perturbative regime and eventually the complex spatial wave function in the bath collapsed and the bubblegum underwent catastrophic decoherence.
After that the cat and I experienced a permanent classical bifurcation and it never came back.
the face that launched a thousand cardboard ships====================
Erin's losing a second front tooth! At this rate she'll never be able to eat again, and the tooth fairy will run out of money. Ran home to continue building on my boat project. I've put in several Mun-hours already, the fleet should be ready for Navy Day.

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