Thursday, 23 June 2011

I march to a different drummer

stating the obvious. Hot water is very hot
Pretty normal Thursday. Jof was off and delivered my old play farm to the school for next years' reception kiddies to play with (they'll be so young!), let them get confused about how to fit the farmhouse together and stop the incredibly annoying hen coop collapsing instantly when hit by a nitrogen molecule.
the three swordsmen bransbury park portsmouth faith in footballJof delegated football duty to Bud so she could get on with creating the Spy mission that I shall be playing on Saturday with Ruby, Erin and Pops. Bond films have a similar ratio of rugged yet handsome unorthodox spies to supermodels so I should do just fine.
Again, pretty average football with a few hurt feelings, a few hurt kneecaps and a few goals let in while we were looking the other way.  I got a sneak preview of Boberts' birthday presents, if I knew who Genghis Khan was I'd draw a parallel.

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