Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Health and safety gone mad - know your enemy

A man visited Bud at work yesterday and told him he was bad for not having a "Caution - Heavy" sticker on his footrest. In other madness, he has recently had to complete Ladder competency, Lifting a Box skills, Pushing a Trolley coaching and Wearing Giant Plastic Spectacles While Tying up a Pallet of Boxes training. It's not just him, at Jofs' work, she is not allowed to change a lightbulb.
He has reached 41 without dying and recognizes the need for mentoring in not being dead so has started me early.
Balancing training age 2-5
Standing on the edge of an aircraft carrier flight deckleaning over the spire of Sherborne AbbeyEdge of a Moncrieff gun pit  
Ladder, fire and firearms proficiency aged 2
pruning a hedge with a fully-extended ladderprodding a bonfire with a broomstickholding a .410 shotgun
boy lifting heavy bowling ball bowlplex portsmouthHeavy lifting Qualification age 3
inclined tyres obstacle milton park portsmouthIn the afternoon we went down the park where we met Poppy C, Zak and Zena. I played in the tyres with 3 girls as is my way, then the JoniBobs and Erin arrived to dilute matters. In the end Ben and Elizabeth made it as well so we ate and swung and hooted. Erin has lost some hair and a tooth. It was windy but warm so the last of us went at 615, a goodly 2 and a quarter hours down the park. Main topic of discussion still seems to be BensMums' party at the weekend that none of us were invited to. Did we miss something?
Empty bench. Stage of the world milton park portsmouthshe has her fathers' looks

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