Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lift me up, frisk me down

nazi memorabilia in dorset regimental museum medal insignia display cabinetSo Grandma got herself a new cat. I thought they might be cat-free for a while but they've rescued one that will hopefully be less pointless than the last 2. In its first week it bit Grandad on the hand so now he can't play golf. This is a shame, he was really good, he could hit those balls around for ages and never lose any down one of those holes.
Alannah is the bad girl of the class. She bit someone on the ear and put the whiteboard rubber down the toilet. Reception year students are not normally allowed to use the litter-grabber but I was selected to use the tool to remove the rubber from the toilet.
Here's one to make you laugh. I've no idea why Bud made me wave this way.
In the afternoon we cut the rest of the hedge down while Jof painted [she walked to the hardware store twice to buy paint and bought the wrong one both times, poor girl. Nasty shopkeepers for rearranging shelves like that] - well, I chopped one small branch and then was too tired so, my duty done, went off to play. This means we shall have to save wood and cardboard for a bonfire again. Incidentally, while we were chopping, a man in a van tried to sell us 2 king-size mattresses.
At suppertime I got my usual attack of the hurting legs at exactly the same time they turned the TV over to their programme.

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