Sunday, 19 June 2011

Booze it or lose it, baby

fathers' day card with boobs, beer and bonfireFathers' day so made Bud a special card with all his favourite stuff on: boobies, beer and bonfire, I mean, what more could he want. Jof topped this off with a pot of Ludicro-chilli paste from the farmers' market, another spicy magma-bomb into the chilli-coated charnel house that is his tummy.
fairy cakes, first attemptMade cakes! Not actually inspired by Ben, these are a trial run for cakes for the upcoming school fayre.
Now: bowling at Gunwharf.
Bud had beer (fathers' day privilege) and we arrived at our allocated bowling lane. The control panel where you enter players' names etc accepted about 3 keystrokes before detaching from the main housing and falling to the floor, dangerously exposing live wires. We moved to the end lane and played. The lane had obviously experienced recent subsidence, the balls kept wandering to the sides but luckily the barriers were set to "always on" so not so bad. Jof says the place is on its' last legs, silly old moo, it's a building, it doesn't have legs.
alfresco meal, pizza, linguine pescatore and pastaBravo Bravissima Mungles: 69 points. 
Holy Mother Jof: 102 points. 
Pater Familias Bud: 103 points.
From there we wandered via an anti-submarine howitzer, a cannon, 2 sea mines and a torpedo to "Strada" an Italian restaurant where I had a massive pizza al fresco and didn't like the breadsticks dipped in olive oil/balsamic acid vinegar. Due to the keen wind and setting sun we moved inside for the ice cream (Alert: kids meal with drink and ice cream = £5.75, most reasonable if you have kids although the adult meals and beers are much pricier).

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