Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The fundamental interconnectedness of things

self-contradicting shop signAmo, amas, amat.
Also sprach Zarathustra.
Pour vivre heureux, vivons caché.
All these were uttered by citizens taller than I. But I say poo to you all, for my bons mots shall be remembered forever....well, until I next go to sleep, anyway.
Down on the farm (Guns'n'Roses)
So today my class visited Longdown Dairy Farm as part of my coursework; scheduled topics include match the young animal to its mother, observe characteristics and learn how to treat animals (I guess Pops is learning this at home with her rabbit: as long as the hutch gate is secured nightly, the fox won't get this one). The school were very kind about asking for a voluntary contribution of £12.50 each or the trip would be cancelled.
My class also has 7 chicken eggs in an incubator so there will soon be even more blonde chicks to admire me.
I had a very bumpy tractor ride, fed a giant pig and saw the biggest horse in the world, which eats carrots. I declined to feed it because of its hairy lips. I declared that I came first in the egg hunt (harvesting chickens eggs) with a stunning 11 eggs. And ditto in the egg race to take the recently laid eggs from the coop (shaped like a cow with little doors) to the egg repository (not an IVF procedure). Bud expressed disbelief that I can be the winner of so many things but he wasn't there so he won't know. Erin wasn't with me - she went to Marwell Zoo yesterday with Zak and the rest of her class, saw giraffes and an anteater with a mouth thi-i-is long (use generous hand movements here).
glasses for 3DTV effect
Speaking of which, because Wednesday park is rained off, Erin graciously drove me back to hers for play, food and the chance to wear massive goggles and watch 3D TV. The return visit will be next Tuesday and let's hope the weather is OK tomorrow for Thursday Football.
OK so the goggles are quite reasonable, the Blu-ray and widescreen HD 3D TV is all very flash and groovy but Bud said we don't have enough money to get one. We watched "Monster House" and it does indeed look like things are jumping out of the screen etc. The Erins will set up a mini-cinema room with popcorn and ice cream for us VIPs while they go off to the servants' quarters and have their sherbets at the housewarming.

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