Friday, 3 June 2011

Choose Life

floating granite globeToday Pops and I went to Paultons Park.
We made an early start, installed in the car at 0845. PopsMum had made her a special bag with packed lunch and the medicine to keep her alive but Bud contrived to leave it in the fridge. The journey went well and before we knew it we'd passed the pub where I'd stolen the waiters' tip and we were there. The gates weren't open but we sailed through the executive channel and in. The inner gates don't open till 10 so we still had to wait - something that became a bit of a habit throughout the day. Like a million other short people, we headed straight to Peppa Pig world and onto the rides.

splashpark time paultons park romsey
Supermodel-in-waiting and Catalogue-Man
World of Pigs is a new bit so very popular and the queues were very long. Anyway, we did a couple of rides there and wandered back through the main body of the park which was enough for one day even before they installed PigLand and jacked the prices up. We also got naked and did the watery splashpark, got bouncy on the trampolines and got very hot in all of the lengthy queues listening to all the delightful safety announcements on tannoys and looped tapes. OK, so it was half term and we knew it'd be busy.
Grandpa Pigs' Boat Ride
sky swinger As you can see from the scores we won and Bud obviously sat out a third of it because he's a lazy old poo, I mean he must have phoned it in, the statistics don't lie.
Boat tripWe had lunch under a tree and consumed loads of drink and ice cream through the day. We even managed to go back to our favourite thing (George Pigs' Spaceship Playzone) which has vacuum tubes you can put balls up and slides and things. We got to choose a toy on the way out and left the park a sneezingly good EIGHT hours after we'd got there.
new tunnels
dinosaur ride past the volcanoesWe'd spent a lot of time in queues and this became a habit as the large crash on the motorway meant it took us an hour to crawl to the airport. Adding an hour to a car journey in full sun after eight hours queuing in full sun is never nice so we heated up and heated up until we were little burnt offerings.

2 exhausted  sleeping people paultons park romseyPops started coughing again (remember the keeping-her-alive medicine that Bud forgot?) and just as we entered Portsmouth I vomited copiously into my favourite hat. Thus when we got home neither of us were particularly happy but a shower and huggies from mummies turned that right around in no time. I was quite wired so told Jof everything at length: I went to bed at 10 and had nice dreams about building dens with Ben.

Sky Swinger101
Wave Runner011
Windy Castle111
Dino adventure111
Pig Boat Trip110
Muddy Puddles111
Spaceship playzone220
Magic Forest111
Water Park110
Bouncy Castle110
Rabbit Ride111
Seal Falls110
Viking Boats111
Tea Cups111
Rio Train111
Wind in Willows111

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