Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dance naked at the solstice

tempting warning sign, forbidden fruit
Erin's coming round for play and tea today, I made sure we didn't eat all the fairy cakes because I want to give her one. Bud says are you sure that's what you want to say, I said fairy nuff, she can have two.
She was in my class for going home time but was too shy to do the Snake and Penguin dance with us. Having ditched her mum who had turned up by mistake we headed to the park (Tuesday Park??) and hung from the monkey bars until thirst and the promise of an ice cream drove us home.
chalk petroglyhs with unfortunate Infant year spellingWe devoured the proffered Cornetto and cast around for a purpose in life. We wanted to do some drawing but Bud found the lump of raw chalk we found at the quarry so we went outside and used the vast canvas that is the pavement to draw mantraps for the passers-by, 2 of whom were current Puddlers so they were immune.

Ben 10 we're not, more like Bun 5
Give it 20 years, we'll have our own TV show
We wrote a begging message to Pops to visit and pointed the way with a grillion chalk kisses that stretched from her gate to my front door, close to 40 yards. So I've got one girlfriend that makes kissy entreaties to another to join in our games. Bud says everyone can learn from me.
Supper was ham, quiche, meatballs in onion gravy and 4 kinds of vegetable. Between us we left 2 items. I mean, if Bud had told us it was onion gravy we would have said "Uurgh" and demanded Sugar Puffs or some such tripe instead, but there you have it. Incidentally, Erin called him Daddy twice today, he says he would have remembered, he's got a list an' everything.
Finally, Pops was released by the aggressively covetous childminder and we could play spies as a team. Ruby joined in as did the unknown Alfie or Albert, don't know, but he has a very runny nose and liked my gun.
Jof arrived and was roped into making a treasure hunt which continued even after Bud walked Erin home, forgetting her top, kneepads (don't ask), lollipop, etc. Forgot the fairy cakes as well.

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