Saturday, 4 June 2011

All boys together

carwash alert ford focusinverted man alexandra park portsmouthThere was a surprise swimsuit on the washing line today. I wonder if it'll fit me? I'd better take it back to Pops' house.
We got the bus as usual to go to the gymnastics centre. This time there was also an elderly man on our bus wearing a frilly lacy tutu, which was less usual. BensMum says it might be the same old man that was wearing a red dress at the bandstand one afternoon. Give it 70 years and Ben could be doing the same. Did almost all the red obstacles in the park again, but there was a girl with a bleeding leg on one of them so we missed that one out.
world peace stickersSpeaking of Ben, because his parents are forty-hundred today, they're throwing an adults-only party (I think this is something to do with willy-shaped balloons or keys in a big bowl) so Bud brought Ben round to stay with me tonight. We owe them a sleepover anyway so it's only fair.
Activity #1: Lego.
Activity #2: Carwashing. An old favourite, and quite handy for the parents. Still a warm day so we washed the extremely dirty car with bird poo so old it was peeling off. Pops and Baby Edward arrived: Pops helped and Baby Edward sucked the sponges even though they were covered in dirty foamy goo. Then:
sleepover bathtime boysActivity #3: more lego, with Pops who had returned uninvited, as you do.
Activity #4: putting an M on each bit of my railway track so when Ben brings round his identical track to make a massive combo-track, we know which bit is whose afterwards.
Activity #5: designing stickers. We did sun/sky pairings and got permanent pen on our skin.
Supper. Sketti-meatballs, strawbugs and choco-minirolls.
bath fizzer sleepoverActivity #6: Bath fizzer night. Started at 2130. Music: Bens' CD. Starts promisingly with the eye of the tiger but then Ant-music heavy (unstructured rubbish) and 80's pants that we could have avoided if we'd known. Still, we made a rock-on potion and tried to hide from the dragons' egg fizzer in case it ate our willies.
After a rather groovy bath-fizzer nite (including ping-pong ball attack) we went to bed with Bens' witch and dragon story and lights out at 2238. (OK, so Ben weed all over the toilet seat)
Silence. Let us hope this continues.

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