Saturday, 18 June 2011

I told you NOT to eat the apple

beautiful lilies, garlic flower, hops humulus lupulus and a boy in a buddleia treeUp at 0935, another 12 hour snoozefest. Actually not raining so helped put my laundry out by hanging up 1 hanky. Did the usual bottlebank walk, Bud is so thoughtful to always have a stock of bottles to recycle. We met Harry of Thursday football in tunnel park, along with his baby brother who Bud says is better at football than me. I clamped him viciously with the grabber I had insisted on taking.
Then it was gymnastics: I excelled as usual but he pulled a muscle out on his run, ho ho.
blowing bubbles in the bathWhen we got back he promised me an afternoon with Pops: guess who was sitting on our doormat waiting for me to come home. Jof got home and went back to bed, why not, she actually works hard.
Gardeners' corner: 32 different species of flower blooming in the back garden today.
After 3 pill-Popping hours of fun, Pops and I returned to the ranch to announce I was staying at hers for dinner. As our houses are 27 yards from each other, some kind of extension-passageway for easy access is not currently plausible, we'll have to continue to use the "Pavement" like plebs. But it's worth thinking about...  I finally returned at 8pm, tough life, isn't it: only 5 hours this time.
Bath fizzer music: "Ballads and blues" by Gary Moore. Bedtime ten something.

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