Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hot lager with croutons

Following last nights' national debate on self-determination and the right to choose the time and manner of your own death, Mungletonix Products brings you -
Michael Jackson not performing due to illness
Ten Top Tunes to Top Yourself To™
INTERVIEWER – “So, did the TenTopTunes™ work for you, Phantom Presence formerly known as Mr Higginbottom?”
SPIRIT – “Yes, I wanted to kill myself anyway what with the bankruptcy and everything, but the TenTopTunes™ really pushed me over the edge”.
INTERVIEWER – “Well, that’s not quite true, is it – you threw yourself over the edge, aha – of Clifton
suspension bridge, wasn’t it?”
APPARITION – (Laughs jovially) “Yes, that’s right. I just couldn’t stand it any more – had to get away from it. But even as I fell, that dreadful noise haunted me all the way down.”
INTERVIEWER – “So, you were using the MP3 version, then?”
GHOST – “Yes, it really helped me not to change my mind halfway down”.
INTERVIEWER – “So, Shadow Wraith the late Mr H, or can I call you Julian, would you buy our product again?”
SPECTRE – “Well, I’m not sure. Do you have any tips on how to play Death at chess?”
destroying a lego police station to salvage pieces
At going home time, Erin arrived and asked if I could go round to her place on a playdate. Tragically, Bud said No because we were busy. However much I hit him, howled and bubbled on the floor etc all the way home, he wouldn't say why. They say parents screw you up and I will have surprise-related psychosis for the rest of my life. When we got home I forgot all about this and was sitting naked making a lego maze when LittleMax arrived on a pre-arranged playdate. We did lego, trains, searching for Bens' lost robot and so on. After a joyous interlude where we sat on different toilets and sang to each other, Bud took him home without even changing out of his carpet slippers.

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