Saturday, 11 June 2011

My mind is a beacon in the vale of the night (Kershaw)

Got Bud up at 0800 by jumping on him. When he suggested I get dressed, I burst into tears and hid in my bed for an hour, enabling him to have a quiet breakfast.
When I finally arrived at the fridge in the attire of the day, he suggested I have breakfast. I burst into tears and hid under the table for 20 minutes. He says it'll be cheaper if I don't eat, also he won't have to buy bigger clothes and shoes if I don't grow.
I do this to remind him that only a couple of years ago, I was 2.
On our standard bottlebank+tunnel park walk we met 4 of my schoolfriends and also current Puddler Laughing Boy Thomas who will join me at my school in the autumn.
After another sterling effort at my regular gymnastics class we took the bus right back to Milton where we went to the "Picnic on the Green" event at St James' field on Locksway road (known to me as the Mad Hospital). There were many stalls from the usual Tombola, cakes and face painting to the less usual Hampshire against Fluoridation and Young People for Their Own Political Party. Many people were leading their dogs around a course for no apparent reason but they seemed to enjoy it.
bouncy castle, defying gravityoperating the siren of fire engine kids rides
 We toured the tents (I threw the basketball nowhere near the basket but tried anyway), didn't really buy anything but then met Elizabeth and stayed to listen to the storyteller in wizards' uniform and then watch the marching band. HMS Tenacity provided the band and they were absolutely excellent I'm sure, video provided here so you can judge their talents for yourselves. There was a fire engine so I got inside and flashed all the lights and met one of my classmates, Bud says that if I get her back in the cab of a fire engine in 20 years' time then I'm well in there but I didn't understand.
So then Beth and I went on the bouncy castle and found Ben and family, Laughing Boy Thomas arrived (and Half-Chinese Emma and loads of schoolfriends) and I queued up to buy myself a blue ice lolly (Mr Bubble) that I didn't like last time (BensMum pointed out that Ben and I had one just before our pub garden punch-up, not sure if that involves E-number overloads) and then it was off to climb trees. Ben threw his red toy car up into a tree and it reportedly never came down so we all had fun drinking Bucks' fizz and searching unsuccesfully for it. Then an overly anxious Jof arrived and lavished hugs upon me, whether I wanted them or not. Happy 30th to BensMum.
oak tree in st james playing field milton portsmouth
Beth took part in the sack race and came last by a very long way but grinned and persevered all the way till the end, which is apparently what it's all about.
Then home to eat the top quality lunch (at 5.20 pm) that Jof had made for us before she realised we were down the Fayre and several hours of Tom'n'Jerry while she had a nap.
Bath Fizzer night music: Tom Jones and Jools Holland before supper #2 of sausages and even more sweetcorn, watch the toilet for updates. Fizzer night finished suddenly when I slipped and banged my head on the tap.
Here is one of a series, hauntingly entitled "Catalogue Man"

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