Thursday, 9 June 2011

Funny you should say that

embarrassed truck with cab leaning forwardMany parents threaten their young with dire consequences if they do not study hard at school, pass exams and so forth, and mine are no exception. They have threatened me variously with becoming
1. Bus driver
2. Sandwich Board Technician
3. Bag packer at the tills at Asda

climbing the walls bransbury park portsmouthbut only a couple of days ago I stated that my ambition was to corner one of my 2 favourite target occupations: Truck Driver and "To work in a shop that sells lots of things, like Sainsburys'".
So I might as well not bother to work hard at school, then.
car concertina! Multi-vehicle pile-up bransbury road portsmouthWe picked up Ben direct from his nice modern school and drove to Football where Bud played silly-goalie for us and the rest of the kids. Bobert arrived but Johnny was in a Big Strop so didn't get to play. During the football a van driver missed the middle of the road and tried to drive down an imaginary lane occupied by some parked cars. It squashed 3 other cars into a long joined-up line of vehicles, 2 of which were owned by the football coaches. This all happened right next to the JoniBobs' car but it wasn't hit. Many people stood and talked about it and then 4 large policemen came to talk about it as well.

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