Sunday, 5 June 2011

Free at last

Up at 0730 to bring joy into the lives of others.
Jof did not come home last night so Bud says we can lock her out forever and we have to tighten our belts to pay for the house. I don't have a belt, so what do I do?
Jof came back this morning at 9. Apparently someone called Sam Buca didn't agree with her and she felt very bad about this argument and stayed in Bens' spare room. Her tummy wasn't feeling so good so she went back to bed but emerged 4-ish to come and watch telly with me.
Milton skate park and cycle obstacle course
Anyway so we still had Ben this morning and we went down to swingpark where we threw tennis balls in the skate park (quite funny graffiti - even we could do better) and got another go on the hanging basket. On the way we sang our special song:
"Poo and wee
On my plate
For my tea
Just for me"
There was hardly anyone else there. Drove Ben back to his house at noon where we discovered a bit of a mess, must have been a fun party. Walked down to Tunnel park but the trains weren't running in case it rained. It did drizzle a tiny bit but I think they could have made more effort, perhaps they're all too old.

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