Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Life. The perpetual emotion machine

Another hot night. I clutch the duvet and cocoon myself within it so on sultry nights such as this, I overheat. Called them in for medication and we all met on the landing at 0330, as you do.
Slept in heavily in the morning, feeling lifeless so opted for the afternoon session only at school, I'll go in after lunch.
Gardeners' corner
36 species of flower out in the back garden. The challenge sunflowers are at 7 foot nine inches, haven't flowered yet so a little bit more altitude to be gained there. We were promised exciting thunderstorms and lots of rain but the weatherman lied again, don't trust them. This afternoon we may have to hose...
At last. The weather broke around lunchtime and we got rain and thunder. May I be truly praised.

Jof has a friend going to America, and I happen to have some surplus US coins in my duplicates box. What more does an air traveller require than a large heavy bag of assorted low-denomination US coins? We found $3.70 so the hapless emigrant will, upon reaching the hallowed turf, be able to buy milk for his first coffee using a slew of dimes and pennies. This will endear him to the coffee vendor for effort made, and lots of change for the till.
vast range of assorted foreign and obsolete coins
Incidentally, we were collecting French coinage as well in order to bestow riches on the first waiter we met but this plan was delayed by the unexpected advent of the Euro. Now Greece is about to default, dragging the Eurozone back to reality and their own currencies, I have over 350 French Francs! I shall purchase the Eiffel Tower from the destitute garlic-crunchers forthwith, retract the ladder and live on passing pigeons. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the vast bag of assorted low-denomination Euro-cent coins I've been saving for that same lucky waiter.
Teacher, what jungle does the cheese-eating surrender monkey live in? Bud keeps going on about them.
In the afternoon I was moany, complainy and gripey (even on a little walk around the Football stadium where we met the graffiti artists at it again. I must get pics of their inventive artwork). I am practised at this and took no prisoners, inventing 7 serious illnesses ranging from fatal to immediately terminal. Unfortunately my Temporary-Guardians-Until-I-Inherit-The-Earth did not fall for it this time and sent me upstairs at ten past six. I could not believe it and protested in a vengeful manner. At six thirty, when Pops rang the doorbell (with help, she's only my size), I was in PJ's, doing my teeth. I proclaimed myself to be fully better but they didn't fall for that one either.
I may have to start using thunderbolts from above.

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