Monday, 23 May 2016


street furniture tit wobbles Today my phone had accepted some updates so it wanted an unlock password so Jof had to drive me to school. It's logical.
Today we set our worms free. This is not a naturist beachfront activity but a welcome chance for our surviving earthworms to have a new life underground. Some of them had not made it through the experience of being dug up and incarcerated in bottles by ten year-olds, but mine did and I released it to once more consume dead leaves in peace.
pink fairy cake with purple icing butterflyNormally I would choose to have 3 hours of Minecraft on the promise that I could do my homework on the 33rd of Octember but that option was not available at this time, so I did my homework and went to the Scouts AGM. This is one of the mandatory meetings that forms part of the Scouting calendar and you have to do it. You still have a handful of screaming toddlers ululating at each other across the room, but nowadays us Cub Scouts sit in a corner with our phones and tablets and whisper furiously about how many points we've got or look at this mod or look at what this girlie does if you use a proxy server to get around the parental controls.
5th portsmouth scout group AGM dib dibSo we were all ok and we dib dibbed a bit and discovered that many Beavers are starting and many Scouts won badges and that we need even more wood for the campfire and we've got new tents and then I had a pink cake with a purple butterfly on it but that didn't stop me eating it and getting to bed at almost 10 pm.

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