Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Octopus Dance

I like Saturdays: I saw Jof off to work and got Minecraft time before Bud got up a mere 4 hours after his normal weekday alarm-time. We had tasks to do before Acting so when Sydney arrived we barely had time to fire up the X-Box before we were outta here.
Us kids popped into Jof's work to ask for raffle tickets apparently but they couldn't find them, what a waste of Mining time. We got to Acting 2 minutes late because of this and ordered the special theatre hoodie (new uniform with added advertising) and got given lots of lines to learn from the Lion King and our parts for the next showcase. Meanwhile, ideas were forming in our little heads.
havant leisure centre poolDropping her off at her house, we lunched al presto which is very hurriedly, not outside. Then we picked her right up again and went to Havant to fight the inflatable in the pool. There was an unexpected age limit of 16 so Bud had to watch us fail dismally from the pool but we got the hang of it and completed 2 traverses. But we also had lots of time to show off silly dives to one another and the pool under the diving board (not allowed on the board during inflatable sessions) was 3M deep so I did lots of duck dives to the bottom and gosh it's great being an accomplished swimmer.
We also got thrown into the pool a few times by our pet slave and in the changing rooms afterwards we all looked at the tall chap who could only shout "Gobbledee-dee!" very loudly, daft as a brush but very, very happy. Then we looked at the soft play bit where I had a joint birthday party with Ben (and broke my arm with Poppy) and we might go there next, for it is indeed awesome.
On the way home I showed her the Octopus Dance in which you lean backwards and gyrate strangely with wobbly arms. During a school disco recently we all did a Mexican Wave of Octopi. Hmm. Octopus Rex Mexicane? Sounds like a royally fancy seafood dish.
I couldn't abandon her without at least 1 more hour of Minecraft so we mined happily, fuelled by biscuits and a pair-bonded desire for Redstone. Film night was 'Pixels' with added aliens and I powered-down my brain only slightly before midnight.

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