Saturday, 28 May 2016

A Man who can Get Things

portsmouth street art winston churchill avenueO Joy, how I love Saturdays. I woke up at 7 something but insisted on a bit more and was up for 815. Today I auditioned for the play "Wizard of Oz" and when I got to the theatre a full hour earlier than usual, Sydney was already there having kindly volunteered the free services of her long-suffering mother to work behind the bar for 5 hours, how thoughtful.
Scout-mate Flynn was also there with smaller simian-sibling "Cosmo", having been attracted by the possibility of worldwide fame. It was a tough 4-hour session with dancing and singing and miming and Cosmo hanging off my leg every time I tried to play the roary pugnacious lion being brave.
On the way home we saw what we think might be some street art near the Mucky Duck pub. Seemingly made of bits of trellis, it looks like a pile of pallets until you move into the right place and it's got a big love heart gap in the middle.
wood for scout camp fireStill my duties were not finished as with tired feet, we stopped at 2 houses and asked nicely if we could take the wood lying outside. Yes, a little unusual, but I am a man who can get things and I currently need wood for the Scout campfire, and people are only too happy to let us take it away for them. Normally they stack it up outside and hope for the magic bin-men to take it: I am that Bin-man.
Then Bud went to the pub which I thought was for me too, but you can't have everything. I retaliated by cycling up to see Ben on the Common and that's exactly where a bunch of unattached 10 year-olds should be, Jof sent the JBs to meet us and in the warm twilight, there was no better place.
7 1/2 pints later, we met back at the ranch and I might sleep well tonight, like Johnny who did a school trip to France on the overnight ferry so therefore didn't sleep for 2 days and had to play a football tournament today.

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