Wednesday, 18 May 2016

LaST EMirate Standing

person in mexican cafe lookalikeSTEM continues with biology. Puberty is our topic for next term but this was just as interesting. First we chopped up some onions as small as we could and shook up the whiffy shards with a special mixture of washing-up liquid and some kind of oily solvent. After filtration and leaving the gucky-looking pot for the rest of the day to clear, we looked through a giant microscope at the oil/water interface and you could see strands of DNA!
Then we watched some epic films about DNA, even I have some, although it's 37% alien. I liked the double-helical structure with the nobs sticking out, and theoretical discussions about cloning and Jurassic Park.
Then we put party hats over one eye and threw balls to each other. Now I really appreciate binocular vision, after stumbling around trying to pick up balls that had struck me in the chest as I caught handfuls of thin air. Nobody remembered to do the 2 party hats under the shirt thing until it was too late.
green metal hanging wheelWe have a game called Pac-Man Maths and the blind grabber has to try and capture all the schoolfriends and Child A did a whirling dervish impression, fell over some tables and punched Child B in the face.
Wednesday Park was touch and go for a while but enough about toilets. It was pretty empty so LittleMax and I swung on the Green Twister and I got a trailing foot in the groin more than once and we played some ball-tag and some swing-kicking and I gave up after about 70 minutes but it was worth it. Speaking to Grand-Dad, he taught me about units so more STEM knowledge there.

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