Sunday, 15 May 2016

Minecraft: a Problem Flagged

milton park southseathings you come home with when drunkI got up at 0630, just 8 short hours after going to bed. Why, O why, I hear you cry, don't you need your beauty sleep to maintain those rugged good looks? Well no, because Minecraft is more important. I figure I can get a couple of hours in before anyone else is awake. I checked on Bud and he did manage to get home from Rickmansworth, although for some reason we are now the proud owners of a small plastic flag, such as one might find on a cricket pitch.
I did 20 minutes in the park and swung on the new green twister when it wasn't totally covered in pink girls, and climbed the metal house. Jof said I could earn some pocket money by helping tidy the garden, but I'm too clever for that as I know I get everything I demand anyway so I don't need money, like the Queen. I witnessed some seeds being planted in the big pot I commanded into existence, and that was me done and back in Blockworld.
tron boys losing touch with reality
And it was World-of-Cubecraft for the duration of the day. The JBs came round for 3 hours or so at my insistence and we all logged onto the same Minecraft world and worked as a team. So we were all in our own cuboid world, and yet no longer in this one as we sat apart in the same room, whilst simultaneously being together. Just one or 2 more leaps in technology and we may merge as one into the game, and cease to permanently exist IRL, like some kind of Tron crossover, where we have to provide digital grandkids for our bereaved parents, only to discover that the law does not recognize beneficiaries made of pixels.

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