Monday, 9 May 2016

The Great Conker Shortfall 2017

chinese knockoff lego minifigureSo there I was, putting best foot forward (right, I'm not a left-footer) to meet a certain hot chick with whom to share the walk to work. She was not there, and I waited around for a few minutes too. I had to make do with Jof. And I thought girls were reliable.
tree surgeons milton park portsmouthIn school we will be visiting a girl's school to use their new science laboratory for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) lesson. As we are going in 3 different groups, does that make us Stem Cells? Apparently we have to wear armour because we'll be using explosive potions and people have been blown up and burnt before, like Seamus Finnigan in Potter. At lunchtime we all did hand-farts and armpit farts until the room reverberated with the sounds of gassy joy.
challenge scout badgeThe workmen have been busy in the park. The best Conker tree has been stripped and chopped, that'll let more light onto those 2 guys that practise Judo there, but will mean fewer conkers for us collectors. Whenever I meet a fence like this one, I always rattle it, shouting "Wake up!!!" like Sarah Connor in her burning dream.
Also, the climbing-flagpole has been uprooted and replaced by a green spinning-ring-on-a-pole, so perhaps its head-height instructions signpost can go as well. In Scouts we played games and I got 2 more badges but I won't get my Super-Silver badge before the next award ceremony.

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