Thursday, 12 May 2016

Driller Killers and Super Swimmers

engrish lost in translationIn an unusual move, at ten to midnight last night some kind workmen used a pneumatic drill for half an hour, to dig a trench in the road opposite my bedroom.
The galling thing was, they'd completely filled it in by the morning and removed all evidence so you couldn't even see what they'd done. I, of course didn't notice as I have been trained to sleep through it all, but I did wake up when the large map of the world on my wall detached itself from the Blu-Tack and dropped on my head at 4 in the morning.
northsea swimming club mountbatten centre portsmouthAt school we wrote up our ecological studies in neat. This means you have to concentrate on the transfer, because the research has been done, and the prose written. But you know how you can easily be distracted by a side conversation with your neighbour, and a word or 2 can accidentally be inserted right in the lipstick-around-the-middle of a sentence?
portsmouth northsea swimming club olympians and kidsWell, Child A was having a chat about rudeness during his neat write-up, finished the segment and presented it to the teacher for marking. In it, he had stated that the lowest level of the rainforest is called the undergrowth, which is where you find Ns, where N is a proscribed word we're not allowed to use, a euphemism could be Jungle Bunnies. Obviously he had to go straight to the Head Teacher, but given that he handed in the work in good faith thinking he'd done well, I declare it a collectible to be treasured forever, like a stamp where the plane has been printed upside down.
In swimming I won at diving and got a time of 1 minute 6 seconds for the set where everyone else got between 1 minute zero seconds and 1 minute 29. But in the lanes next to us were 3 Olympic athletes training for Rio, told you it was a good club. We got a picture with them.

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