Tuesday, 17 May 2016

ST EMilio's Fire

crying girl trapped in vending machine funnyFor Day 2 of our STEM studies, we finished off our literacy projects and made our robots dance. My group were previously fast-tracked into robotics due to being awesome so we had a head start (as well as articulating joints, double-redundant power supplies with signal-stabilizing JFETs and an RFI-shielded CPU) and came top of the class with our routine of spin + gyrate strangely + move over there + spin while saying "Fantastic".
Then our 'Hemor-Droid' (as we didn't name him) invaded a Lego Police station and murdered 17 officers, men with families (not really).
Later, I had to do one homework. Taking the 'Design a Shelter' topic, I made a Minecraft shelter out of all the things you can find on a desert island such as sandstone blocks and pine trees, but I couldn't operate the screen-capture so actually had to draw one IRL, on actual paper, couldn't believe it. Naturally, this didn't count towards my 1 hour screentime.

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