Friday, 20 May 2016

On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine (Groot 66)

truck hits cyclist at junctionIn a blow to my STEM hopes, we did absolutely no Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths today, just literacy, in which I polished off my second neat paragraph for the topic. At least I got to show'n'tell my Oxford Science book with its pictures of nuclear explosions, meteorite craters and gametes.
As usual, I enquired keenly if I had any jobs before Minecraft Time could begin, and it was a Cub Scout homework about local charities, easy peasy, Aronia-berry elixir squeezy. In other news, some of the seeds I planted last week have sprouted but they're still pretty small. None will be Lonesome Pines, Stout Oaks or Giant Redwoods, but once we get a new garden, who knows.

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