Tuesday, 10 May 2016

2 Pea or not 2 Pea

lost in translation funny fail slutAnother busy day at school: made up with my best friend, and in computer studies, found a new game called Atlas Runner. In it, you are an erratically bouncing potato and your mission is to leap benches without being made into chips, and without hitting and thereby exploding the birds flying overhead. If you make it past 200 metres you turn into a carrot. And this is education? Bring on University, by which time I may have graduated into a cantering Cantaloupe or a space-faring Jerusalem Artichoke.
We also did a game involving compasses where you orient yourselves repeatedly according to instructions (the blind shouting instructions to the deaf) and you die if you turn the wrong way or falter. I won.
pea seedlings science projectLater, 8 kids were busted for singing lewd songs in the playground and apparently someone has been seen entering an empty office building or builders' site, and stark warnings were issued over health and safety. Whenever I enter a derelict site or abandoned military installation, I'm always careful and take big torches.
Here is my science project, 2 peas in a cup. I have put "Maximum Capacity from Mungleton Industries" although where there's only an inch of compost in the bottom, it should probably be Minimum Capacity. I made a new corporate logo, an M in a Ripley Alien Xenomorph egg ready to erupt and hug your face affectionately. Yes, I do know what that is. Bud has issued me with a custard pots' worth of spare earth to help out the poor struggling peas. Some other students with giant runner bean seedlings got to take them home, one lasted about 3 1/2 seconds before being dropped in the playground.
Swimming was up at the big pool because of ongoing repairs to my normal pool. I didn't see Sydney because it's so big and crowded and we all had to fit into 2 lanes instead of our normal 4. But we did get to dive off the starting podiums (podia?).

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