Wednesday, 4 May 2016

♫♪ D.I.V.O.R.C.E. ♪♫

naked redneck kid in pants with cigar and beer canSo there I was, busy with a set of test questions when a colleague started deliberately twittering in my ear because of my known short fuse design error, and once a chink in the armour is found, it can be manipulatively exploited, and my armour can be a bit holey sometimes, just not holier than thou.
rolling frisbee failSo I had a bad time and was a little fragile before Wednesday Park but agreed to give it a chance and sensibly took a Frisbee so it wouldn't all be football-related.
A lovely day, the park was busy and we frisbeed happily for a while and then we ball-tagged until one of us cheated in my eyes and I said well I'm going to cheat too and there were words and I don't want to see anyone ever again, well not for a week or two. I'm sure all these emotions will clear up by puberty, I've heard that childhood are the best years of your life so being a teenager must be brill.
game of tag on park apparatusOf course, once I am leader of the 5th Reich there will be a lot of burnings at the stake (with steak sauce), but that'll have to wait.
I made some beautifully demonstrative artwork in Minecraft and then Jof hugged me better and it's amazing what pasta and sleep can do, especially when I can help decorate the cup-cakes she decided to make for no apparent reason.

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