Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Woodchips and Willies

cinnamon roll explodes in mans buttWhile playing Blind Maths (a bit like Pacman Maths, but blindfolded) one of the girls collided at speed with one of the boys who got a right old punch in the willocks. I, however, have a better internal map of the classroom with its many bench obstacles so have avoided such damage.
scree slope of woodchips in parkFor Wednesday Park we did do some ball-tag and footballing but nowadays we're the older kids (not including those nasty threatening much older kids) which makes our antics dangerous for the toddlers and I found it safer to go wood-chipping with LittleMax.
boy buried under pile of woodchips 
First, he buried me in woodchips and I had to hold my hoodie open to make an airspace, while he had to protect me from pedestrians who nearly trod on my prostrate yet invisible form. In a previous life I'd made a giant scree slope of woodchips so we reprised this feat and some random kid kicked it down and I used many descriptive terms about him, some of which are not biologically accurate.

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