Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Choc to the System

baby footprints in purple paint failAt last, the inevitable happened and I had to go back to school. But then I got 16/16 in the maths test which was nice, as was the weather.
At some point soon many of us will be attending a residential course where we'll be away from home for several nights. I've done Scout camps so I'll be ok, Bud went to boarding school for 11 years and he says there's nothing wrong with him, but one of my colleagues has night terrors and I privately wonder if the teachers will be able to handle some of our livelier pupils, with their challenging quirks and celebrated differences. Perhaps there'll be a special dungeon with soundproofed cells for the screamers, and a nice island with its own Tory duck house-style chalet for the sleepwalkers.
Every term the teacher tells us what the next topic will be and mostly I forget instantly, assuming it will be Romans or Vikings or allied trades. This time they've told us it's going to be puberty. I have been warned about this, with its unwanted hair, unexplained angry bursts, nihilistic Gothic phases and new toiletry products. Now, menarche may not be my problem but it's got about 5 years earlier over the last century, which is bleedin' unreasonable in my book, cutting down your childhood like that.
In Super-Advanced Swimming I met Sydney and am scheduled to meet her every week, an additional bonus I wasn't expecting. Maybe one day we can swim together and practice diving. After swimming I was very tired and agreed to an early night.

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