Thursday, 5 May 2016

Ain't Nobody Here but us Monkeys

monkey computer helpline IT department In school we have a detective saga in literacy in which we solve word puzzles and make sentences and so forth, looks like there might be 12 stages to go through to unmask the murderer, in which case it's clearly the Zodiac Killer and therefore Ted Cruz, suddenly a man with more time on his hands. Our school library was a polling station again for some kind of local vote, but they had to put blankets over the windows after some people took pictures of the kids last time.
eastney swimming pool subsidence repairsBud was trying to explain the recent rise of Joke candidates such as Corbyn and Trump as opposed to the previous Joke candidates such as Screaming Lord Sutch and Pitt the Even Younger, but Jof kept on getting all militant about it.
Anyway, I got to swimming early to inspect the chasm in the fundament, the cross-dimensional schism in space-time, and the crack in the fabric of reality. This is a split brick by where the blue pole goes in above the viewing area at the deep end of my chosen pool and they've decided to close for repairs. At my last pool they had to close for weeks when the pool sprung a leak, luckily I have a backup pool, as one does. Normally they get twitchy about large cameras in poolside environments, but there was nobody there.

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