Friday, 6 May 2016

A Red Letter Day for the Blues

running girl winnerSo recently Jof has been trying to cut the cloying apron strings of dependence by letting me walk quite a lot of the way to school, my route isn't as easy as others and everyone develops at a different rate etc.
school charity non-uniform dayBut today we made an arrangement whereby I get to walk in with a fellow student, always a good way of improving independence for 2 at once and a boon for me as she is the best-looking girl in the school, hurrah!
It was also Blue Day 2016 in memory of Tom who died of cancer so I wore my blue woolly hat which admittedly was a bit hot. Then I did a video audition for a part in a short film in which I played a boy called Thomas who is terminally ill, stop me if this is all sounding horribly familiar.
Anyway, Bud is out at the pub tonight to say farewell to Dear Follower Martin who has left work to spend more time with the Tour de France and a rum called 'Kraken', so I walked to the station to meet up with him until Jof picked me up. Well that was the plan, in the end he just left me home alone and I didn't notice.

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