Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Willy-Seed: a Rash Decision

teenagers steal cocaine failIn school we have been doing history with added training for the future, because you learn from the past. Rationing was introduced in the war due to food shortages and will be again after the Zombie Apocalypse: we had to plan a cooked meal using simple ingredients like potato, onion, spinach, Spam (sing the special song here) and pasta.
safety fence around unfinished building workIn my group 2 girls and I were getting along just fine with our recipe plans (apart from the spinach which has been relegated to a dip in the middle as we don't like it) but we had to accept a fourth person into our group. Child D looked up 'Rations' on the net but spelled it 'Rashes' and was presented with a big picture of a bottom with red bits on it, we couldn't delete the page quickly enough, reformat the hard drive, burn the school down etc.
But we did learn that Polar Bear livers are so high in Vitamin A that they're seriously toxic - a lesson for all us carnivorous hunter-gatherers.
ten year old boys footballersIn the park it was much more successful although the Jaffa cakes melted in the sun. Filling the unforgiving minutes, I arranged yet another Minecraft-related playdate in which the 'Seed' that controls how your random world will turn out was called 'Willy'. Apparently Willy-seed is great because of the cave systems and running water.
We're still not allowed on the new spinning-hanger because the rubber mat layer has not been fully installed. That didn't stop some older kids breaking through the fence, wouldn't catch me doing anything like that.

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