Sunday, 22 May 2016

Prolix: Boaty McBoatface

harvester restaurant eastern road portsmouthUp first again, which guarantees me access to the computer for those all-important Minecraft servers. Eventually, bacon sandwiches were served and the main crafting of the day began.
This was rudely interrupted by homework: the task was to write a super-descriptive paragraph about a deserted desert island with tangible atmosphere and a certain je ne sais quoi, like a Russ Abbott dance party. I wrote a very prolix passage in purple prose with dancing dolphins.
Frolicking cetaceans aside, once he'd gone for his run, Jof and I cycled up to the Harvester to munch, perchance to porg, which was lucky because tomorrow they're closing for a massive re-fit again. Apparently there'll be olives in the salad bar. But this time I had Fish Lumps and lots of normal salad, you can do very well there for the money, but it all went wrong at pudding time. I selected the Sundae, for it was Sunday.
royal carribbean international MS harmony of the seas in the solentIt turned out to be the adult Sundae, not the kiddie-sized one and I had trouble finishing it. Now, I am never knowingly under-consumed when it comes to chocolate products and I was steadfastly not going to be beaten but on the way home I nearly leaked.
Last week in Newsround at school, we learned about the world's largest cruise ship "Harmony of the seas" which has 23 swimming pools, ten-storey slides, 50 trees, a robot bartender, a theatre, 20 restaurants, 6000 people and 80-inch TV screens in some of the 43 kinds of suite called 'Virtual Balconies' because they're as big as the windows.
Today is her maiden voyage (to Rotterdam of all places) so we decided to drive to the seafront and witness this event, and call it Boaty McBoatface because that's more fun than Harmony of the Seas.
biggest cruise ship in the world
It was quite big. I took a lot of pictures for my phone wallpaper but they don't do it justice. Miraculously, all the local ferries came out and joined in, we had 2 international Brittany Ferries, a Condor, a container ship, a hovercraft, and numerous diverse smaller vessels all pretending they were on official business. We threw a few rocks at the seagulls and departed.

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