Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Silence of the Little Lambs

This morning I'd already done my hour of screen-time before breakfast so he made me do my Numeracy II (4 operations) homework in order to get more. It took me so long I hardly got dressed before Sydney came round. Some kid had got hit by a car in her road, a salutary lesson for all us smaller people who don't look.
photo-me booth passport photos sainsburysIt's all kicking off at acting. Not only is there a new showcase performance to work towards, we've got auditions for the play in a couple of weeks and they're bringing in a new uniform. We learned songs from the Lion King and Sydney seems to be an accomplished singer and has helped me to find the right notes, previously I found plenty of notes, but not necessarily the right ones.
You need to have a passport photo for the audition application (even though you don't travel to another country for the audition) so we stopped off at Sainsburys' as they have a Photo-Me booth. We both did our pictures and then we did another batch both at the same time for personal consumption only, like people used to in the 1980s. There was no snogging.
Jof had gone back to bed with the special headache with the flashing lights so we were on pain of total silence. The cohorts of lively football fans at the pub did not know this, however, and kept up a very creditable barrage of rowdy roundelays for ages. After Scottish beefburgers we hit the park and swung happily in the sun and I took her home and we played with Bella the Bloodhound and then I Minecrafted while he watched Danny John-Jules in Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels and Jof went to the Pub and we saw the Lion King with music by Elton John and I liked it and noticed many reference jokes, I liked it where Simba's Dad said I am your Father in amazingly the same voice as Darth Vader and gosh you'd hardly know the parrot was Mr Bean.

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