Thursday, 26 May 2016

The time I'll never get back

lopophora williamsii peyote cactus floweringengrish funny lost in translationYou can tell spring is here, the cacti are flowering again.
Last night I failed to turn my light off as instructed (and agreed) and so I lost half of my screen-time for today, something about trust and doing what you've promised.
old joannas opposite south parade pier portsmouthI was slightly miffed about this, but far angrier about him actually remembering the punishment so I maintained Sulkmode for a while. But this dissipated after food and dissolved in the swimming pool and I used favourite backup #1 (a Schwarzenegger movie) to make up for the loss of Minecraft.
I hadn't seen the Running Man in months.
Incidentally, this is the site opposite the Pier where young people used to meet each other in venues such as 'Joanna's' and '5th Avenue' for beer and dancing, apparently.
This prime location was bought by a prominent businessman but due to its listed status, could not be redeveloped in the profitable way he wanted until it mysteriously burnt down one night, leaving it free to be turned into protected flats for the elderly.
That's what we need more of in Pompington, old people. So the crane is being constructed by another crane and they're obviously going to make a start.

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