Monday, 16 May 2016

STEM Cell 1

toddler vomits onto mothers head funnyIt is STEM week at school so we don't have to do any literacy or religion or any of that stuff. But today was Science day and we got to make our own rocket planes and shoot them across the playground with compressed air (mine plummeted) and they blew things up with liquid nitrogen and on Friday they will deploy a small tactical nuclear device.
The rocket car was very slow and we did the Lego Robot display and watched the guest scientist do lots of groovy experiments at over 600 degrees C.
But in the near future some of us will be going on a residential course which looks like one big adventure playcamp with obstacle courses and beaches and woodland activities and dormitories.
So we had a meeting in the afternoon where the teacher was very enthusiastic about his ambivalence. On the one hand, there's a tuck shop. But there will be laundry. There will be an earthquake challenge, but we have to work together. There will be showers, but you only get 3 minutes. There will be towels, but the girlies showers are next door so you'd better learn to wrap yourself. Apparently last year there were incidents.
preparatory meeting for stubbington study centreYou get 6 to a dorm, but there are Stand-By-Your-Beds inspections. You can take a torch, but not a tablet. You can eat as much as you want, but you have to work for it. There is a TV, but it's bicycle powered and the guy in the saddle can't see the screen. You can have a mouse, but you have to catch it first. You can buy a glove puppet, but it'll cost you 3 1/2 days' salary. You can feed the chickens, but only if you've learnt to make your bed.
It sounds like Borstal with Benefits, Benidorm with Bedtime Routines, Scout Camp with lessons, and we'll all love it.
In Scouts we did a treasure hunt in the park and I wore my 2 new badges although they've been sewn on lopsided.

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