Friday, 13 May 2016

I'm Your Polish Dancer

playpark somersault funny failNormal people would say, what a lovely day, shame I had to spend it in school. But I don't mind, I was full of stories about friends: one had an infected finger and only the quick action of the doctor stopped the viral death spreading to her toes: one saved a boy's life in the Solent when he was swept out to sea on a rip tide, one went fossil-hunting and found the jawbone of a prehistoric fox, you know, all the boring stuff.
boy in pants with broomstickWe have all grown seedlings for our school project, and today was the deadline, take them home or they'll be scrapped off. Thus Ben awarded me his colony of mixed leguminous vegetables (seen here drenched in sunlight) with Illuminati imagery and we balanced them home successfully, and put them in the front garden which is the only place we've got enough depth of soil for runner beans, and we put a watering-canful of phostrogen-water on it to help it grow.
I particularly wanted to do a home project of flower seedlings so we got some John Innes Compost #1 which turned out to be quite heavy, lucky I was steering my scooter or I'd have had to help. In the garage we have an inspection pit for cars but as we don't do that kind of thing, we use it to store old plant pots etc so we got out a nice big long black one and I got a broomstick and did pole dancing in pants, as you do.
We couldn't find any deserving local shops that were still selling seeds so I shall have to visit big B&Q tomorrow.
Philosoraptor asks: if dodgy bankers are money launderers, are endangered animal smugglers monkey launderers?

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