Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Elusive Magnetic Monopole

Up far too early because some clever genius had accidentally set my alarm for 0725 when listening to the clock radio while Lego-ing last night.
So we did Sainsbury's while Jof took back wagonloads of clothes to M+S, something that women seem to do a lot. Outside we saw this rather groovy mural on the outside wall of a carpet shop.
mural graffiti on wall outside sainsburys portsmouth
But our mission (and we did accept it) was to buy a new Monopoly board. Ours was given to Jof by her Dad (the Grandad I never met) and is the old-fashioned, and in my eyes, correct sort. But it's somewhat knackered so we got a £5 voucher off Jof and hit Debenhams where we found 3 kinds of Monopoly, none like ours.
One had MacDonalds, you could buy Intel chip manufacturing shares, all sorts. But we just want a normal one, we wailed. So we chose the one that looked the least fancy and the man behind the counter said the £5 voucher isn't valid until tomorrow. What a load of pants.

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