Saturday, 22 November 2014

Load of old Baubles

Up at 10, because I'm worth it. I chose tuna pasta for breakfast, because I'm normal. Dragged round the shops because I'm a kid.
Actually, I didn't mind that, because I got 2 Lego items in John Lewis but they didn't have any of the Xmas trees we wanted in stock and we had to order it online anyway, much more boring. Saw Erin's car in the Waitrose car park and I wanted to put a ticket on it saying £100 fine for parking here but it had gone by the time we got back.
christmas decorations for tree stockings icicles
Jof went out again for a magnum of bubbly for the PuddleMummies so I chose "Total Recall" as my Saturday movie. Then I went into the loft and got down the Xmas box and arranged the baubles and leftover crackers and stuff all over the dining room table and ditched half of it and Jof got home and ditched some more.
We have chosen an 8 foot tree so got rid of the old tired embarrassing stuff like the joyous plastic reindeer and the bits of tinsel that were only 6 inches long and the baubles where there was only 1 left and suchlike. The red baubles fit really well on our collection of old artillery shells, just making use of the things around us. Then I demanded that everyone stopped their activities to play Risk: I managed 20 minutes before announcing that I was going to watch TV. Then a further 30 minutes before I opted for Minecraft.
Why am I being shouted at?

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