Tuesday, 4 November 2014

It's cold outside (no kind of atmosphere)

alcoholic parents relief from babiesSo Grandad heard that little-known coastal settlement 'Portsmouth' has recently provided 4 young radicalised muslim men who, fuelled by hilariously heretical and archaic beliefs, have gone off to Syria, joined the jihadi movement, and been killed for their made-up gods. Grandad asks if we knew any of them. Yes, of course we did ...
astroturf teletubbies zone in school playgroundToday we watched a film in class and we all laughed so much our teacher sent us on a walking tour of the playground to calm down. As she was the worst offender I suggested the same for her and she banished herself into Miss Weld's class for a while.
Incidentally, here is the newly built quiet zone with rain shelter in the playground. It rained at pickup time so the handlebars on my scooter were wet. This is why I refused to scoot it home and trundled along in a big silent sulk the whole way. Teenagers don't magically appear, you know, you have to work at it.
undersea diorama for school half term homework projectI tidied my room in preparation for the Zoe-cleaner tomorrow and separated another batch of stuff for the charity shop, including the stuffed giraffe which I have tried to offload at least 3 times, but Jof keeps rescuing it.
The traffic was so intense, man, that we got to gymnastics 17 minutes late. I am super-proud to be able to do 2 press-ups.
My Dreamscape diorama for half-term homework is also about life under the sea, a common theme even though the Terminator haunts most of my actual dreams.

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