Friday, 21 November 2014

It's a Deal, It's a Steel

cat attacks remote controlled helicopterHooray for Friday!
This week is Anti-bullying Week as well as Hero Week so I was part of a group of 12 who did 'Anti-Bullying' in big letters and made up poems for each letter and presented them to the whole school, which does not have any bullies in it, apart from the big lump of stupidity (IQ 74) in my class but they don't talk about him because that would mean admitting it.
Our 'My Hero' posters were put up and everyone gathered around my one of Arnold Schwarzenegger and did poses and went Raarg and one guy took his shirt off to emulate Arnie. Other heroes are My Dad, and various footballers.
builder renovations pallet pile of hardcore steel h girder goldsmith avenueGot the party invitations through the post, now all we have to do is find out people's real names so we don't have to put things like "Archie Football" on the invite.
On the way home we saw some builders renovating a house like we did with ours, opening up the kitchen by removing a wall and inserting a sturdy steel support. But their steel was hilarious, about 17 foot long and takes 8 men to lift. We looked at the house when it was on sale, smaller than ours but on the main bus route overlooking the park. Erin is going to get the builders in to open up her kitchen soon, I wonder how big her steel will be.
You know the thing when you just have to come back from a night out painting the town red and you've got a Policeman's helmet and a traffic cone ... well, challenge is up for anyone to steal a 600 kilo steel
just saying

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