Thursday, 6 November 2014

Chillocks on the Willocks

ritas ice cream custard happiness shop roadside sign funnySaw a lot of frosty windscreens on the way to school this morning.
Today an artist came into our classroom and drew dragons and goblins and Harry Potter and a flying pig and monsters. In return we had to draw a monster of our own and mine was 7 storeys high with a gun arm and teeth and all the usual stuff not to any scale whatsoever, apart from the scaly scales.
dining table with lego base boards glued downToday is my afternoon off so I didn't even get out of the car when he collected the laundry, I hid in the boot and shot people with the umbrella. So while he prepared to sell Grandad's laptop and electric typewriter, I planned my next Lego project which was going to be a castle or a monster but is now a 3-bed semi with garage and broom closet. An empty Lego dining table in my room is a transient and rare beast.

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