Wednesday, 12 November 2014

But Where do all the Calculators go?

slim very young wet blonde girl squirts plays with dogYet another day when lumps of rain sped across the world and anyone who went outside came back with manic hair.
On Wednesdays we get a bonus Ben so walked home talking about Pokémon. He knows all there is to know and has many cards and origami Pokéballs and all the patter but I am banned from all Pokérelated things because the program is rubbish and I am so hypnotized by its oriental awfulness I forget to eat my breakfast.
milton park southsea in the rainSo we did some Lego and went to the park because drizzle does not dismay us. The JBs didn't make it so we played swinging basket football attack for 45 minutes and left just as the really angry black cloud of the troposphere family descended upon us. Amazingly, we'd eaten all the chocolate by then. Traditionally, we take nibbles to the park and it must be in packets of 4 identical items, otherwise one, all, or more of us will throw a wobbly, protesting that everyone else has got a better deal. As the JBs didn't show, that left twice as much for us, and while unsupervised, we predictably chose to hoover the lot.
That left sufficient energy for hours of Lego attacks at home where we screamed and laughed and threw Lego Police boats at each other loudly enough to get told off by Bud which hardly ever happens, like hurricanes.
I don't particularly care about landing on a comet. But I might have a 2-week holiday on Mars when I retire.

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