Sunday, 23 November 2014

It's Life, Gym, but not as we know it

portsmouth gymnastics centre alex way Struggled awake tennish for a boiled egg and mango chunks, as you do.
There was pretty well only 1 thing to do today and that was Dilly's party at the gymnastics centre. Jof dropped us off and went shopping and we were almost the first ones there, Dilly was late to her own party!
Because both Dilly and I gym there anyway, the list of attendees (Genevieve, Olivia, Siena, Daniel, Oliver, Flynn inter alia) was strong on gymnasts and 2 of us actually wore the shirt. It was also strong on familiar faces from my old school and so it was just like old times as we screamed at each other and told Bud to take his glasses off so we could beat him up.
portsmouth gymnastics centre birthday party We had the whole place to ourselves and we trampolined, ran around and generally got all pink-faced with exertion. The foam pits are ace for throwing each other in and having swordfights and stuff. I always make a den under the parallel bars support by removing all the foam, this time Adam and I ganged up on Eva, seen here retreating.
At the food time we gathered in one loud and noxious conglomeration and grabbed sweetmeats and small chop* galore.
portsmouth gymnastics centre birthday partyThey had a chocolate fountain which is a 3-level aluminium self-heating pot that continuously overflows with melted chocolate so you put strawberries and marshmallows on a fork and dip it in and wait for the chocolate to solidify and it goes everywhere but particularly all over your face. Some people put 4 marshmallows on at once!
But all too soon we had to go and Jof had bought some epic red baubles of 80 mm diameter so we filled a couple more of our artillery shells with xmas cheer, and Jof let me watch Last Action Hero. Then he said that I had to clean myself so much in the shower he could eat his dinner off me, which is something they do in Japan, apparently.
* 'Small chop' is west African for finger food.

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