Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Chasing the Disco Ball around

honesty in job interview funny cartoon human resourcesCouldn't believe it. Jof took a day off to go swimming, she'd better not get used to it.
So she came to school and spoke to my teacher about the class bully, well known to all the parents but the teachers aren't allowed to admit he exists.
Earlier, I took in my homework and Miss M recoiled in horror at the large topless picture of Arnie flexing thereupon and so did everyone else, just as well my hero wasn't Pamela Anderson, that'd have opened a few eyes, I can tell you.
harry potter philosophers stone accelerated reading courseBut I have turned a corner in that Harry Potter and the Filusterfers' Stone has become an obsession. I read it in the car to gymnastics, on the floor of the gym when we magically arrived 15 minutes early and in the car on the way home again. While I'm conscious that I will get maximum reading points if I finish it, I actually want to see what happens and revel in the idea of 6 other books, each bigger than the last.
Plus I got Badge 2 in Gym due to a decent cartwheel and am now working for Badge Bronze, confusingly. Jof was at a Friends of the School meeting and has volunteered us to be Satan's Little Helpers at the Grotto part of the Xmas Fayre, whether we wanted to or not.

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