Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A Digital Orange for Xmas

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I already know I'm getting practically nothing for Xmas and birthday, Bud says that to honour people of Nanna's generation, I shall get an orange, because back then kids thought themselves lucky if they got an orange, because they'd never seen one before. I just hope I get a digital one, rather than one of those old-fashioned clockwork oranges.
Started to get some replies to my party invites and took Ben home. It was still raining so we elected to stay in and Lego and Film and Stuff Our Faces.
true lies dvd for underage viewersBen said he's seen the Blues Brothers which is boring apart from the car crash so we chose True Lies as a film of equivalent age label but with much more laughter. So we sat and farted all afternoon while clambering over each other, quacking, arguing and occasionally watching.
We'd not got half way through when we were sent upstairs for play-fighting and proceeded to wreck my room.
I find it most unfair that we can jointly trash my room but only I have to clean it up so I persuaded Jof to do it for me by crying. Then we all watched Harry Potter 1 which is quite long and we all had stiff bottoms by the end.

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