Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dry Hard VIII (The one in the Garage)

computer console desk women only car park cessna crash funnyToday my old mucker from Wimborne infants joined my class. Straight away Naughty Oakley punched him, for he is a Disruptive Pupil. I was out of school early for once and we hastened back home to meet the new tumble dryer.
But it hadn't arrived so instead Bune did, which was nice.
boy sitting on tumble clothes dryer lindo300 zanussiBune is a strange old bloke who went to school with Bud in 1984 and visits every now and then to laugh at us. He admired the new book I'm writing called "Great Green Guy and the Disaster Devil" which is a tale of derring-do in the toiletries aisle of a well-known German supermarket.
He got the tour of the house and promised to visit again next time he was negotiating council supply contracts for a local nursing home, as you do. But he went after only 40 minutes to catch the train back to London and I got to eat biscuits and wait for the dryer.
We'd sunk as low as sorting through the old board games (suitable ages 4-8) when the delivery men finally turned up and they spent less than 5 minutes on the premises including the demo but Jof had a load of laundry all ready for it, maybe I'll put a cat in there too.

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